You are in the right place. We are FemiLaw Entertainment. Your one stop company for all things Entertainment. We Organise Shows, Concerts and Events. We operate on a large scale. We are an International Entertainment Company covering all things Entertainment from Nigerian to the United Kingdom and beyond. We Organise Events, Manage Artist, Manage and Promote Products. We also shoot videos, films, music videos, event coverage and market products. For instance, we have been the marketing representative for Campus Levels magazine, owned by King Ikenga for over 10years. http://www.kingikenga.com

We are an all round entertainment company. We are able to take a brand from the scratch and commit to promoting that brand to success. We are a reliable and dependable entertainment firm. For all of your entertainment needs and enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us by sending us an email on Femilawretta@yahoo.com or call us on +447749884837. We are happy to hear from you. Lets talk business.